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In the early eighties, Robert Love, Controller of Drama at Scottish Television, and Glenn Chandler, pathologist turned writer, created a Glaswegian police detective named Jim Taggart. A creation which resulted in a world-wide successful television...

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Season 1 - Taggart
"A murderer is loose in Glasgow and a major police investigation is mounted to find the killer. But one by one the bodies of young women are found strangled in the city. The enquiry is headed by top detective Jim Taggart, a tough local cop who has risen through the ranks and one of the new breed of graduate policemen, Peter Livingstone. But despite their differences they work together breaking all the rules to hunt the killer before he strikes again."
"The skeletal remains of a dismembered body are discovered beneath the floorboards of a house in Glasgow. The drama takes an unexpected twist when a nine-month-old toddler is kidnapped from a multi-storey car park, followed by a ransom demand of \u00c2\u00a350,000."
"Glamorous opera singer, Eleanor Samson, returns to Glasgow, her home town, to sing with Scottish Opera. She hopes to bring about a reconciliation with her estranged husband, John, but she is furious to discover that there is a new woman in John's life - blonde, attractive Kirsty King. When Kirsty's body is found in the burnt out shell of John's boat, Eleanor Samson is the prime suspect. Jim Taggart, tough Glasgow detective and his smooth assistant, Peter Livingstone, fall out over the case. Livingstone believes that Eleanor is guilty; Taggart cannot believe that a ..."
Season 2 - Taggart
"Taggart and Livingston investigate after the discovery of a woman's severed leg."
"Taggart and his partner Peter Livingstone are called in to investigate the macabre killing of the wife of a wealthy landowner whose body is found strangled and weighed down with luggage in a reservoir. The husband was last seen preparing to go to Switzerland with a large sum of money in a holdall."
Season 3 - Taggart
"Taggart investigates a failed rape attempt by a masked attacker. However, his job is complicated when the victim commits suicide and the criminal strikes again, and his attacks soon turn to murder."
"The discovery of a charred corpse in a disused railway tunnel sets Taggart on the gruesome hunt for a ruthless killer in an investigation with sinister undertones of black magic and voodoo. The wife of an arthritic dentist narrowly escapes a series of murder attempts, adding to a complex case for Taggart and his team."
"When a woman shoots her husband after discovering that he was having an affair, it appears to be a clear-cut case - until the police realise the man was already dead when he was shot."
Season 4 - Taggart
"Taggart uncovers a sordid case of extortion, forgery and murder when he investigates the suspicious death of a member of a church youth club."
"During the Glasgow Garden Festival the severed head of loan shark Willie Lomax is found in a blocked drain. He is but the first victim in what appears to be a serial killer taking out murderous revenge on loan sharks. Lomax's brother, his unhappy son and the boy's stepfather, however, may provide clues to take the investigation in a different direction."
"The body of Rowena Bain is discovered in a wood. The forensic evidence suggests suicide, but Taggart is suspicious. The victim's sister thinks that Rowena's husband, Maurice, killed her. The case against Maurice grows when it is discovered that his first wife also disappeared in mysterious circumstances."
Season 5 - Taggart
"Jim Taggart attends the wedding of social worker Jane Ross and jailbird Charlie Forbes. Janie Ross is later found murdered and a chain of seemingly unrelated events begins."
"A body is dredged up from the bottom of the Clyde, setting Taggart and Jardine off on an investigation which takes them beyond Glasgow into the Scottish Highlands."
"A by-election is taking place in Glasgow and one of the candidates represents the Referendum for the Return of Capital Punishment party. When the candidate and her agent are murdered, Taggart is pressed for a quick solution to the crime."
Season 6 - Taggart
"Taggart and Jardine investigate after a gypsy is found murdered in her caravan."
"Taggart and Jardine are called to investigate the murders of elderly residents."
"Taggart and Jardine investigate a case linking the world of drug pushers with the world of art and artists."
Season 7 - Taggart
"Sixth former, Philip Dempster, has a crush on his French teacher and sees what looks like a murder when he spies on her through a telescope."
"The discovery of two skulls at the site for a new by-pass road leads the team to a pharmaceutical company. Someone doesn't want the skulls identified and will go to any length including murder."
"Racial violence or something more sinister? The Taggart team are baffled by murders with no connection other than a possible racial link. Or is it something not so obvious to the all seeing eye?"
Season 8 - Taggart
"An old friend from Taggart's past gets out of prison and the bodies start piling up. But is there some fishy business going on that muddies the waters for the Taggart Team."
"A research scientist is murdered by an unknown assailant but it soon becomes clear that she is another victim of a serial rapist - 'The Mechanic'."
"When Dr Janet Napier walks free from court on a \"Not Proven\" verdict, Taggart begins a more personal investigation. However as more murders are commited Taggart must admit that even he might have been wrong about the good doctors guilt."
Season 9 - Taggart
"Julia Fraser, wife of a police sergeant, is brutally murdered whilst he is on duty. During a search of the house a list of names is found. It appears that the names on the list are rapidly meeting with a series of accidents - and yet the only connection between them is the list."
"The murder of his father sets young Simon Barrow on a nightmare journey, and his dying words on Simon's answer-phone throw the police on a trail of confusion."
"The Taggart team are responsible for protecting witnesses involved in a \"cab war\" trial. It seems there may be a hidden agenda when the prosecuting barrister is found murdered."
Season 10 - Taggart
"Taggart has a new boss and he must take his orders from her even though he has his doubts about the guilt of a gang member."
"Taggart and Jardine are confronted by a bizarre case which revolves around a fertility clinic."
"The Scottish literary world is abuzz with speculation as a major prize is due to be awarded. The Taggart Team are called in when one writer, recently returned to Glasgow, is threatened. When a university lecturer in creative writing is found murdered and the manufacture and transport of illegal drugs is thrown into the mix things become very interesting for Jim Taggart and the team."
Season 11 - Taggart
"On Walpurgis Night, April 30th in German folklore, James Martin is murdered after selling his whisky distillery for five million pounds."
"Taggart is promoted to Acting Superintendent so when two young girls are murdered and the wife of a leading suspect also, he starts to wonder if Jardine and Reid are up to the job."
"Tony Sabina is in town again, \"The Great Sabina\" to his fans. His hypnotic show relies on volunteers, among who is a young man called Stuart Fraser, and a girl called Frances Shaw. Frances who is hypnotized to believe that she could swim the channel is found drowned after the show. The resulting publicity leaves Sabins career in tatters and he decides to get even with all those who contribute to his downfall. Jardine and Reid investigate a series of killings that may have been carried out \"to order\"."
Season 12 - Taggart
"The re-release of a track by sixties rock group The Adders sees the murder of the lead guitarist in bizarre circumstances that sends Jardine's team into the seedy world of rock and roll and drugs."
"When a clever lawyer gains an acquittal for his client on an apparently straightforward murder charge, the Taggart team are compelled to restart the investigation from scratch - and then the killing starts again."
"The murder of a musician sees Jardine's team mixing with the gay community. When a second murder with the same MO is committed Jardine is forced to face his deep seated prejudice's to get to the truth behind the murders. DC Stuart Fraser realises his secret is no longer safe and is 'outed' by a former boyfriend."
Season 13 - Taggart
"A 15 year-old gold bullion robbery leads the Maryhill team on a race against time as one by one the robbers are murdered. With pirates, treasure chests and secret maps to buried treasure muddying the waters will the team solve the murders and find the lost treasure before the last robber is killed?"
"Mail order brides or women to order? Glasgow takes on a Russian flavour when the trail from the murder of wealthy local business man hots up and Jardine's team try to unravel the mystery around the Anastasia Agency."
Season 14 - Taggart
"Illegal body building drugs combined with mind bending additives cause a series of deaths around the muscle scene in Glasgow. In a race against time to find the source of the deadly drug the Maryhill team call on the help of a famous chemistry professor at the University. But is he helping or is he the source of the drug?"
"Taggart investigates a triple murder at an exclusive boys' boarding school. In each case the victim is a disciplinarian schoolmaster. Eventually he discovers a further link in that several years earlier they had all been prefects who bullied a boy called John Chisholm. John Chisholm has now come back to get revenge, though not in the form that his victims would have recognized."
Season 15 - Taggart
"Mike Jardine investigates the death of a soldier at his barracks, in the company of gruff Sergeant Renshaw. New arrival Robbie Ross, a man with a chequered past, teams up with Jackie to look into the theft of a race horse and a murder at the race track. The different crimes eventually prove to be linked by another theft and murder from thirteen years earlier."
"In this feature length investigation, Jardine and Reid find themselves embroiled in a disturbing case that leads them to the dark underbelly of human nature. It is the annual Strathclyde CID Dinner at the Crawford Hotel, and the last place you'd think a murder would be committed. However, as the part is in full swing with The Sweet Muffins (The Oddballs) performing on stage, the body of the hotel owner is discovered strangled and dumped in the rubbish. When the main suspect is found murdered before the police can question him it is the start of a complex case that ..."
Season 16 - Taggart
"After serving a life sentence for murder, Susan Keller is released from prison. Not long after that members of her family begin to die mysteriously."
"Karen Lennox is found electrocuted in what appears to be a lightning strike, but then another body turns up and the team begin looking for a murderer."
"The team investigate the murders of drug dealers."
Season 17 - Taggart
"A charred body is found in a car, leading the team into a web of police corruption and cover-ups."
"A therapist returns home after his late-night radio phone-in show to find his wife murdered."
"Jardine and the team investigate a series of murky goings-on at a football club whose lack of success on the pitch is matched by an unaccountably high death rate among its employees."
"Chief Inspector Jardine and the team investigate a series of mysterious deaths among members of a tango club after a pre-wedding parachute jump ends with the bridegroom plunging to his death. And as Jackie Reid's wedding day approaches, Ross tries to persuade her that she is rushing into marriage too quickly."
Season 18 - Taggart
"Johnny Innes, son of local politician Malcolm, is shot dead after interrupting one of his father's council meetings. Mike Jardine clashes with Malcolm Innes and is taken off the case but pursues his own line of enquiry. Embittered Liam Kennedy is a qualified sniper and therefore becomes a major suspect, especially as he has a grudge against both Innes and Jardine, one of whom, at least, will find their days are numbered."
"A charred corpse is found in the burnt out remains of a clothing factory. Scott Dewar, owner of a rival factory, is the immediate suspect but Maureen Wishart reports her husband Derek missing and he not only worked for Dewar but had a knowledge of explosives. Meanwhile Jackie, still mourning Mike and watching her marriage crumble, finds her new boss Matt Burke difficult to get on with."
Season 19 - Taggart
"A young nurse is found strangled in her home, with no sign of forced entry and two glasses of wine on the table. On finding a large quantity of cash hidden in her flat and signs of an affluent lifestyle, Burke and the team begin to suspect that the murder victim had a secret double life. Meanwhile, a mysterious and sinister person is following and filming Burke with a camcorder."
"When a boxing promoter is found strangled with wads of bank notes stuffed in his mouth, the team investigate. Successful fighter Andy Corbett was having an affair with Elaine, the victim's widow and the ringside doctor, Dr. Heron, has also been behaving suspiciously in trying to get rid of the boxers' medical record. Following another death, however, the motive appears to stem from fight fixing."
"A top research scientist is blown up in his car having arrived in Glasgow to address a medical conference. There has been opposition to his research and initially, this is where the investigation heads. However, it soon comes to light that there are others within the scientific community who could benefit from the murder."
"A Kurdish taxi driver is murdered and the team is joined by D.S. Fairchild, who is experienced in the matter of racially-motivated crimes. Whilst the rest of the team get on well with her, Burke is peeved as he believes that political correctness is hampering the course of the enquiry, particularly in view of the fact that noone seems any closer to establishing a motive for the killing."
"When an anonymous victim is shot dead in a local park the only clue on him as to his identity is a library card for a city college. This in turn leads to a half-way house for recently released criminals, some of whom are known to the team. Unfortunately the hostel warden is not keen to cooperate."
"When a doctor at a clinic for women which advocates birth control is murdered the immediate suspects are a militant fundamentalist group who oppose abortions. However, drug links between the clinic and a local crime boss extend the scope of the investigation further, though Stuart believes the murderer may have had a more personal reason."
Season 20 - Taggart
"A famous novelist is found murdered in an alley the morning after a prestigious book launch and the police team's only lead is a drugged and confused prostitute."
"Billy McCree is murdered in his work-shop and his severed hand is found next to him. The obvious suspect is Jim Naysmith, just out of jail after a twenty year stretch, thanks to Billy's evidence. Burke investigates the Naysmith gang whilst Robbie is flattered when Mary, a young law student, asks to shadow him. Forensics office Gemma, however, believes that Mary may have an ulterior motive for her interest in Robbie."
"The team travel to rural Fenmore after a farmer is suspiciously killed in a house fire, but find few clues and the villagers unwilling to offer any information."
"When lawyer Richard Fleet is shot dead suspicion initially falls on his widow Adele and his partner Charlie Muir who were having an affair. However, when Muir is also murdered, Burke uncovers a wholly different motive. A group of residents were taking a company called Arcadia to court on the grounds that they had caused pollution, leading to illnesses such as leukaemia. Both lawyers represented the residents and therefore may have attracted powerful enemies."
Season 21 - Taggart
"Dr. Mellor is attacked by a masked assailant carrying a syringe full of lethal drugs. Dr Mellor points the finger at rival doctor Thomas Finn, but Finn has an alibi. Dr Mellor is found dead the next day. Finn again has a cast-iron alibi."
"A taxi driver is found dead outside a Jewler's shop and the team discover links to the underworld."
"DCI Matt Burke's professional life is left hanging in the balance when the body of a librarian is found behind the wheel of his car in the Clyde after an apparent hit and run. The detectives are baffled - it appears that the victim had been tied up and was already dead before the car hit the water."
"Robbie is all set to spend a romantic weekend with his new lady love Eve Hamilton. Unfortunately the mood is soured when the corpse of a young man, a photographic assistant, is discovered at the romantic hideaway. In investigating the boy's death and subsequent others, Robbie begins to discover to his cost that Eve is perhaps not as innocent as she would at first appear to be and their meeting may not be coincidental."
"The team are called to investigate when members of a therapy group are murdered."
Season 22 - Taggart
"When an attractive young trophy wife is found dead in her home, it sparks intrigue around an affluent marina - her husband initially seems to be the prime suspect."
"When the body of a student is discovered in an alley, a bloodstained leaflet at the scene is traced back to a church. Could the parish priest be involved?"
"Burke is shot whilst taking a break from work, and on the same day, another fraud squad detective's body is found by a colleague. When both victims' properties are searched, large amounts of cash are found, leading to fears of bribery. With Burke's reputation and life on the line, the race is on to find the perpetrator."
"Burke investigates a killing inspired by a 20 year old case. With the help of a forensic psychologist, he tries to solve the case before there are more victims, because it seems the ultimate target may be someone on the investigation team."
Season 23 - Taggart
"gambler is found dead, and it is discovered that he had thousands of pounds stashed in his flat, leading the team to suspect that he was part of an illegal betting scam. The wife of the owner then gets killed out riding and the investigation heats up further. Meanwhile, Burke is convinced that a former heroin addict and petty criminal has changed, until he is left with a decision to either arrest a killer or do a deal to catch a more major criminal."
"Ex-con Eddie Monroe is found stabbed in a Govan alleyway. Burke meets Angus Ford - a retired police officer who was responsible for Monroe's arrest and subsequent convictions - who remains adamant that Monroe was a bad man who deserved to die. But who was his killer? All roads keep leading back to old acquaintance Daniel Tulloch and his family. In the course of uncovering the truth Burke is forced to face some demons of his own."
"When a local activist is found murdered in her flat, the team discover that her protesting had incurred the wrath of many people and anyone could be the culprit."
"Tina Brogan, leader of the Pinnacle pyramid finance group, is found murdered with wads of bank notes stuffed in her mouth. Her estranged husband Terry, an alcoholic cancer victim, is the main suspect though the recently-widowed Jackie feels sorry for him, especially as Tina was carrying another man's child. However,Tina was under surveillance by the Fraud Squad because her enterprise was a scam and she was hoping to escape to Australia with cash conned from investors.Was she killed by a client she had cheated perhaps?"
Season 24 - Taggart
"A woman dies on her way to a fertility clinic, then one of the nurses there is attacked - are these linked with the crowd of \"peaceful protesters\" who are demonstrating outside the clinic?"
"Burke's father Andrew dies, supposedly of liver failure though the actual cause turns out to be more sinister. When another member of Andrew's pensioners' club also dies, coincidence seems unlikely, particularly as a twenty thousand pound savings plan is involved. Burke has to keep in check his less than fraternal relationship with his brother John whilst having to consider various helpers at the club as being likely murderers and discern the motive."
"A young lad is murdered and mutilated on a Scottish tourist island and the local vicar, who knows all the inhabitants, tells Robbie and Jackie, who are investigating,that he is a stranger. At first a ritual killing is suspected until a South American connection is established and it becomes clear that the island is being used for drug smuggling. A stranger claiming to be a reporter arrives just as a fisherman goes missing and is later found dead. The problem for the visitors is to establish who are the good guys and who are the bad."
"Burke meets up with Kathy, the woman who jilted him years earlier, now seeing ambitious politician Frank Morgan, whom she believes is being threatened by shady businessman Robert Shearer. Burke discovers that Shearer runs a brothel which he visits, undercover, but when it gets raided he is seen on CCTV, the excuse his pushy female superior wants to have him put out to grass as a dinosaur. Three murders are also linked to Shearer but the team find out that Morgan is less innocent than he appears. Could Kathy be using Burke to help him settle an old score with Shearer?"
"College principal Simon Nimmo is crushed to death in a lift shaft by a lift whose mechanism had been tampered with. Suspicion falls on his wife and on his daughter's boyfriend Brian Meehan until Robbie discovers that Ross's deputy had experience of building maintenance and could have rigged the lift. Stuart, following the death of his adoptive mother, tracks down his birth mother via the adoption agency. The meeting is not a happy one, any more than his confrontation with the killer - by the lift."
Season 25 - Taggart
"When student Elaine Donohoe goes missing, Clare Vorland, a professed psychic, comes forward to help the police, though Burke is cynical. She claims to have had a vision involving a white van and indeed one is traced, belonging to another girl on Elaine's hockey team, whose brother has a dodgy past. Still not wholly convinced that Clare is genuine, Burke attends one of her meetings where he is shocked to find her disclosing facts from past that she could not logically know. This makes it all the more disturbing when she predicts where Elaine's corpse may be found."
"Robbie meets a one-night stand called Manda but she steals his book containing the names and details of his informants. One of them, Duffy, is found murdered with the word 'Grass' spray-painted next to him. When a second informant is shot dead, Robbie has to enlist Jackie's help to recover his book before there are any more deaths."
"During a reconstruction of a knife crime for trainee police officers, one lecturer, Michael Shearer, accidentally kills another, Alistair Matheson. Matheson had beaten Shearer to promotion and he is certainly suspect, particularly after his daughter Katie attempts suicide and he attempts to get rid of her encoded diary. But then another witness comes forward that she saw a suspicious looking student loitering around Matheson's office before the demonstration. When it is revealed that the knife has been tampered with, it is clear that the charge is murder."
"Three years earlier Jimmy Melville's corpse was found floating in a river. His mobile phone was sold on e-bay and at one time had been in the possession of Mark Joffe, a part-time English lecturer and crime writer, whose new novel 'Chaos' describes a murder identical to Melville's. He is an arrogant, evasive interviewee but he once had an affair with an Anne Scoular, to whom he was violent and threatening after she left him for Jimmy Melville.This gives Burke's team an opening, as does the cooperation of an older female colleague spurned by Joffe."
Season 26 - Taggart
"Bank clerk Craig Williams is murdered at the dog-track,where,for a change,he would have won - forty five grand. Evidence suggests that the race was fixed and the favourite dog nobbled. Had Craig lived he would have claimed his winnings from bookie Niall McShane and his violent son Ged,who threatens the trainer. But then Ged McShane is killed in the same way as Craig. An ex-wife who stood to gain from Craig's life insurance and a married colleague with whom he had a fling while her husband was abroad are now in the frame alongside the bookie and the trainer."
"A body is found hanging from the swing frame in the playground on the recently rejuvenated Allerdykes Estate by a local 'Community Watch' member doing his early morning check."
"Edward Muir and his son Luke,members of the austere Triune Family religious group,are brutally murdered with open bibles by the corpses,referring to the Rapture or promise of eternal life. Karen,the young daughter of Jackie's friend Eileen,is also murdered and a bible found by her body. Karen's lap-top shows that she was dating Luke Muir,against his religion's rules. The group leader's family come under suspicion when his wife and younger son reveal they want to leave the Triune Family as Luke did and the other son puts up opposition to their wishes."
Season 27 - Taggart
"Newly qualified doctor Scott Clarkson is found tortured and murdered in an empty warehouse. Two London detectives, Moretti and Casey, the latter an old friend of Burke, arrive in Glasgow whilst investigating a similar case, though Jackie and Robbie do not warm to them. Scott's girlfriend Lucy, another medic, is arrested for manufacturing recreational drugs and admits that Scott also made and sold Ecstasy to pay his student fees. Lucy is arrested and commits suicide in custody after a visit from the London policemen. Were Jackie and Robbie right to be suspicious of the..."
"Coming out of a meeting with employers Seaward Systems over job losses, union activists Cam Beattie and Will Ramsey are shot, in the latter's case fatally. A colleague claims Will was about to disclose 'something big' and the Seaward boss tells Burke that he was about to accept a deal with him. Beattie discharges himself from hospital and is attacked again. The workers' clubhouse is torched but union man Patrick Carr admits he only did it to dissuade them from accepting the deal and denies murder. Jackie, however,interviewing Beattie's wife and daughter, uncovers dark..."
"Unemployed depressive Peter Ferguson hangs himself after apparently killing his four children with drug over-doses,though one,Callum,survives. However pathologist Duncan believes that Ferguson died some while before the children. Lou,the widow,was once the baby-sitter for a child who died in her care,whose mother never forgave her. Furthermore Lou was having an affair with work colleague Greg and someone alerted Peter to the fact. And Peter was due to give evidence at a tribunal over his dismissal. The truth,when it comes,is ultimately both simple and shocking,..."
"Noel Cash's battered corpse is found dumped by the motorway. His father Eddie, unaware of his son's fate, complains to the police that the lads from his boxing gym are being lured into cage fighting by shifty Don McGreevy, at whose fight club Robbie is a regular visitor and where Noel boxed to get himself out of debt. Texts on Noel's phone lead to pole dancer Anita, who also worked at the fight club and whose boy-friend, pimp Bomber Dunne, was jealous of her friendship with Noel. When Eddie is also murdered, Burke leans on McGreevy's right hand man, ex-boxer Alamo ..."
"Whilst Jackie is celebrating her promotion to inspector Robbie is beating up a pusher in his efforts to wean Katie,a drug addict he has befriended,off heroin. However he is reported,put under investigation and suspended from the investigation into the murder of busker Jacko. CCTV places council official Clark Donovan and gangster Benny Docherty in the area,both photographed together by art student Micky Dawson,taking photographs for a project. Micky is placed in a safe house but shot,due to Robbie's disclosure of his whereabouts to Docherty,who has abducted Katie. ..."
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