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Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet

There's no such thing as "a regular day" at Denver's Planned Pethood Plus veterinary clinic. For over 80,000 clients and their pets, the clinic and its maverick vet Dr. Jeff Young represent one last hope and possibly the difference between life...

Genre: Reality-TV

Actor: John Schwab , Jeff Young

Director: Josh Opitz

Quality: HD



Season 1 - Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet
"The show follows Jeff Young and his staff at Planned Pethood Plus, a reduced animal care clinic in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. In the premiere of this series, a dog goes into cardiac arrest shortly after arriving at the clinic."
"Ten puppies arrive with a puzzling disease; a cat with a limp needs complicated hip surgery."
"A dog may have a broken leg, but Dr. Young suspects it's a more serious condition that requires immediate surgery. Meanwhile, a veterinary technician must overcome her fear of birds; and a cat's appetite gets it in trouble."
"A stray dog needs a home once it recovers from surgery that was required after it was hit by a car in Oklahoma. Meanwhile, a golden retriever needs immediate surgical attention after swallowing a pacifier."
"A 5-month-old puppy that belongs to a homeless man has an injured paw; a dog in pain has X-rays that reveal a severe case of bladder stones."
"A beagle is left at the clinic after it was attacked by another dog; a golden retriever has a broken leg; a technician shows a rescued kitten's owner how to feed it if it refuses to eat; a goat needs a botched operation fixed. Also: The staff visit a farming community to help with a feral cat population."
"A runaway dog is brought in by animal-control officers after it got caught in a chain-link fence. Meanwhile, a dog has buckshot in its hind quarters; a large cat has a facial injury; a dog has a sore paw; and longhorn bull calves must be gelded."
"An overweight cat with kidney disease struggles to survive; a dog is hit by a car while its owners are out of the country."
"In this special holiday episode, the staff hosts a fun run to raise money for animals in need; a dog requires emergency surgery after it's found tied to a fence; a stray Pomeranian finds a forever home."
Season 3 - Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet
"In the Season 3 premiere, Amy operates on a cat with a strange appetite; Jeff tries to help a dog walk again; and the team visits an animal sanctuary to treat an injured tiger."
"Jeff operates on a dog that's rushed to the clinic after a growth on its neck ruptures. Meanwhile, a family brings in their rabbit with strange lumps on its side; and a risky procedure is performed on a pair of rescued miniature donkeys."
"A dog owner drives nine hours hoping Jeff can save her pet's leg. Meanwhile, a pack of wolves are treated at a wildlife sanctuary; and Dr. Baier cares for a kitten with a deformed leg."
"Two sisters rush their dog to the clinic with a life-threatening brain injury."
"Dr. Jeff and Dr. Petra work together as they battle to save the leg of a beloved Husky."
"Dr. Jeff battles to fix a German Shepherd's broken elbow and get him back to his worried owner, a disabled war veteran. A cat with a swollen bladder, needs difficult surgery to save its life. And Dr Baier and Jes head to an exotic bird sanctuary."
"Dr Jeff must act fast to save a bulldog after a life-threatening accident."
"A boxer kicked in the head by a horse requires urgent surgery to repair its skull."
"Dr. Jeff faces surgery he has never done before on a Rottweiler with a broken shoulder."
"Dr. Jeff faces tricky surgery to remove a large mass from a cherished Doberman's side."
"When a beloved poodle arrives at the clinic, Dr. Jeff discovers a life-threatening condition and rushes him into surgery."
Season 4 - Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet
"When a beloved black lab swallows toxic metal, Dr. Jeff races to save his life. A lost cat is found after a year and a half absence, but has a mysterious injury. And, a tiny dog has a big, life-threatening problem."
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